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Editorial April 2021 – Financial tips that anyone can use

There are lots of tips when it comes to getting ahead, financial speaking. Most of them are really simple so if you are struggling to get on top of your finances and it is a burden you could live without, take a look at our suggestions, below, and make a commitment to just start with one. If that works, maybe you will be encouraged to tackle a few more.

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inTouch Q1 2021

Welcome to the first edition of inTouch for 2021. The impacts of the Coronavirus that has plagued Australia for over a year now have been a concern for us all – for our health, wellbeing, friends and family stuck overseas and the financial impacts have been devastating for some.

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Market Wrap March 2021: Vaccinations continue climbing

Global shares rose 2.7% and 1.6% in hedged and unhedged terms, respectively. The rotation to stocks benefitting from a strong economic recovery persisted into February. A rally in oil and other commodity prices boosted returns for energy and mining stocks.

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Editorial March 2021 – Understanding some of the aged care terminology

Aged care is a complex and emotive topic and many people don’t think about their aged care needs until the time to do something is upon them – at which point the options can be limiting. This article explains a couple of the key areas to consider around your aged care plan.

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Market Wrap February 2021: Vaccination rollouts en masse

Global shares fell 0.8% and 0.4% in hedged and unhedged terms, respectively. Global equities were influenced in part by volatility in US markets. Sizeable retail-initiated positioning in certain small stocks triggered de-leveraging (selling positions) by investors and contributed to broader market weakness. In addition, concerns additional stimulus would not be forthcoming weighed on the US market.

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Editorial February 2021 – What financial mistakes have you made? Could they have been avoided?

Have you made a big financial mistake in the past? One that cost you a lot of time and money to fix? One that caused you a big headache? Financial stress can be a major trigger for a lot of people, it is a big burden to carry around, but not one you need to carry alone. Speaking to a professional Financial Adviser can set your mind at ease once you have a plan in place and a financial goal to build towards.

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Market Wrap January 2021: Vaccine hopes remained high

Global shares rose 3.4% and fell 0.5% in hedged and unhedged terms, respectively. Global equities were weighed down by a rotation into stocks that stand to benefit from coronavirus vaccine rollouts such as oil producers.

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Editorial January 2021 – Staying cyber safe this year

With the increased activity online – be it due to working from home, home schooling, or simply because we have found a great availability of engaging and interesting content and streaming services, we are online a lot more and need to consider if we are adhering to safe cyber practices at home.

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Market Wrap December 2020: Vaccine hopes surged

Global shares rose 7.7% and 12.2% in hedged and unhedged terms, respectively. Global equities were led on the upside by European equities with the German market up 15% and the French rising 20.1%, both in local currency terms. Positive vaccine trial results from the likes of Moderna and Pfizer were the major catalysts promising a closer end to the coronavirus pandemic.

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inTouch Q4 2020

The 2020 Budget is all about jobs, jobs and spending to make more jobs. We already have JobSeeker and JobKeeper, and now we have JobMaker and JobTrainer. Each announcement the Treasurer made was translated into jobs.

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